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Have a little chill. Yes, you can voice your opinions and be real. I really do encourage honesty and your opinion, but do not come at someone else for their opinion or just be plain mean. The world is already tearing people apart and making people feel horrible. I do not want anything on my blog to contribute to that.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information about you that you provide to use my blog is not disclosed to any third-party or used for any malicious intent.  If you subscribe to get emails for my posts, you will be notified every time I post. Any time you decide to contact me through my contact page, I will do my best to email you back. Any other information you provide is only used for analyze and optimize the content you see and your reading experience.


All of my opinions are my own and I honestly do not mean to offend any one. My blog is how I views things in the world and my honest opinion about them. The motto I’m using for any posts on Queens and Cupcakes is: Be real or die. I would rather my blog reflect me as a person than pleasing people and what they think. Also, a majority of the pictures and gifs on my blog are from the internet. All rights are reserved to the owners of the pictures and gifs. No copyright intended.