About Queen JoJo

Hi guys!

Thank you for taking the time to read this to know a little bit more about me. Love you all so much!


Queen JoJo is a nickname I’ve created for myself that I believe represents who I want to be when I’m older. A girl is who is able to do anything she sets her heart on to accomplish. In simpler terms – I want to conquer the world and make a difference.


I am a totally feminist who believes girls are equal to men and that life is in your own hands. No has to tell you how to live or what you can or can’t do. If someone ever doubts you, just prove them wrong by accomplishing what they said you couldn’t do.

But of course, I am also a hopeless romantic, who is into guys opening doors and spoiling girls rotten. Come on, us females need to be treated like the princesses and queens we are; while, still being able to be true to ourselves and living life our way.

I am a writer in my own right. I found out I had a knack for creating stories and whole new worlds, so I stuck with it. Writing is a painful process that is rewarding after you finish a chapter or book and someone praises your work. My philosophy is if you have a something to say, write about it.


All things beauty and fashion are my kryptonite, I am literally obsessed with clothes, hair, and makeup. Though, I may look like a straight up bum sometimes. It’s okay because not everyone can be as flawless as Beyoncé, even if we try. I want to become a licensed makeup artist and create my own fashion and beauty empire.


I’m also very passionate about dance, even if some of my friends say I’m not good at it. Like I said before though, I’m just going to prove them all wrong by being the best dancer I can be. No revenge is sweeter than success.

I’m still in high school, just waiting to go to college in a few years. I guess you would say I’m book smart, if you looked at my grades and how well I’m doing in school. I’m aiming to do as many clubs as I can without being to overwhelmed or stressed. I just can’t handle not being busy and having things to do all the time.

I’m a Christian, but I am still completely flawed. I don’t always have the best track record of being the best servant to God I can be. I do let the material world, sometimes get in the way of growing closer to God. But, you live and you learn and maybe one day I might actually be a Christian worthy of going to Heaven.

Anyway, thanks for reading this tidbit that gave you a little more insight on how my mind works. I hope you enjoy and continue to read my blog.

Flaws and all,

Queen JoJo ❤