Week of Inspiration: Selfie


Don’t lose hope

Hey there everybody! Major thanks to Jojo for letting me post over here, thank you so much- I really love this idea. Hope you guys like my post

When I first started blogging, I had absolutely no clue about what I was doing (still don’t). In fact, I’d only joined the platform because two of my friends blogged as well and they said I should try it.

I have quite a few cringy posts up and a few that I’m proud of. When you first start out, not a lot of people know who you are. You don’t know what you’re doing at all.

But that shouldn’t ever stop you from doing what you love. Writing is a way to vent and let out all your emotions. It’s a way to make you feel so much better.

I know from experience that so many times, whenever I felt down or anything I’d write about it and feel ten times better.

This might be a little hypocritical coming from someone who doesn’t blog anymore, but what I want to put forth is that writing comes from the heart- If you don’t write for enjoyment then don’t do it. It’s an art form after all.

Don’t let stats bother you, or people. Inspiration is everywhere. One day, I was staring at a wall and thought of an idea. So really, all you need to do is find that will inside you to pick up that pen and jot everything down.


Even though I won’t be posting anymore, you could still read my posts if you like over at https://meanderingcourse.wordpress.com/


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