Week of Inspiration: Lu


Hello everyoneeeee!

I’m Lu from ‘Lu Reads’ and this is another instalment of the Inspiration Project that Queens and Cupcakes is putting together. Its a wonderful idea!

What is the definition of ‘Inspire’?

– Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Imagine this situation: You have no idea what to blog about. I’m pretty sure that most of the people reading this (the bloggers) have experienced this. You just can’t come up with an idea that could fill a read-worthy post.

So what do you blog about?

Lifestyle/Personal Blogs (suitable for most blogs)

Something exciting you’ve done recently.
New foods you’ve tried.
A challenge that you’ve overcome.
Something you found on the internet.
An outfit that you really loved.
A rant about something that bugged you.
How you got into blogging.
Step-by-step guide to blogging.
A general update on your life/your feelings.
Something that you’re going through.
Things that you want to achieve in the future.
Book-related Blogs:

Favourite authors.
Your anticipated reads for the year.
A book review of something that you read ages ago, have you changed your opinions?
Top ten books of the year so far.
What got you into reading?
talk about #bookstagram, if you have it.
What genres are your favourite? What genre did you used to read a lot but don’t now? (or vice versa.)
Fan Blogs (such as movie reviews, music, etc…)

Reviews of films/albums.
Upcoming releases that you’re excited for.
Old films/music/tv shows that you’ll always love.
A not so popular opinion about a certain genre, film, artist.
New things that you’ve discovered (artists, tv shows, etc).
But maybe, even having an idea can not be enough to get together a whole post, so look around. You have all these blogs at your disposal. Find your inspiration, find your muse. Don’t copy, but adapt, and change and crate something of your own.

Sometimes, in order to move forward we have to change, to tweak and alter and be at our best potential. So try something new, and inspiration will come to you.

Lu x

Follow her blog, Lu Reads.


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