Week of Inspiration: Allie M



It is an elusive thing that somehow manages to strike me at the most unexpected of times, sort of like period cramps. Or sudden awkwardness.

To me it goes hand in hand with motivation. You get inspired, and you get motivated to use that inspiration to create something. Whether it be blog posts, or an entire book. Sometimes inspiration will leave you right in the middle of a project, like it does with me, and won’t return for either hours or months. It is completely okay for this to happen. Don’t let it get to you-just focus on things that make you happy, and the inspiration will come to you.

A list of things that inspire me: random views (not political views, I’m talking about cliffs and abandoned buildings) videos/movies/books that talk about an altogether possible apocalypse (this is more like a holy shit the world might end I have to DO something!!!) music obviously people. people can be so beautiful, and so haunting at the same time amazing art, sketches, paintings, sculptures, etc What inspires you?

Stay wondrous, everyone. And thanks to Queen JoJo for letting me be apart of her series. 😊

Follow her blog, A Girl Cloaked in Night.


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