Tales of a Broken Beauty

My project that I have been working on is Tales of a Broken Beauty, which consists of the mini series of poems that I’ve been writing on my blog. If you didn’t know already, all those poems were connected and were telling a story about a girl who fell in love and got her heart broken by a boy. 

I’m going to be posting Tales of a Broken Beauty on Wattpad to share my book with a broader audience. This is going to sound weird, but this story has really touch my heart (yes, I know I wrote it but still). Through all the poems, I felt the pain and everything my character went through.

She doesn’t have a name and neither does the boy, who broke her heart; because I feel like it gives your mind more freedom to imagine them. Also, it gives people the ability to relate and put themselves in her position. Disclaimer: I have never been in love, but I just know how to write about it. Lol. All the covers are my own, I made them with photo apps that I have on my phone.


a broken beauty
with a shattered heart
lost within herself
a collection of poems which tell the story of a girl who’s heartbroken over a boy and how she it becomes her destruction until she finds the strength within herself to live again.

a story told through poetic words about a boy and a girl and their love that was.

The order of the poems are:












Hope you enjoy this heartbreaking tale,

Queen JoJo ❤



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