It felt so surreal.

Like reaching the end of a long journey.

She almost couldn’t believe it.

It took so much for her to get here,

But she did it.

A broken girl,

Who lost herself in the chaos.

An unhappy life,

Where a new, toxic love was found.

A hurt heart

That found solace in the storm.

Some unfixable remains,

Which were barely kept together on a string.

A resented him,

Who betrayed the girl he said he loved.

An anguished her,

Whose ignorance led for her to be collateral damage.

A forever gone him,

Who was now a distant memory she couldn’t let go.

A disappointed girl,

Who believed in him and his lies about their future.

A courageous step,

Which led to cutting her losses and moving on.

A breath of strength,

To be herself without him.

Her steps were lighter.

Her jumps higher.

Her smile wider.

As free as a bird, she found her wings.

Soaring through Cloud Nine,

She finally stepped out of the darkness and toward the light.

Finally repairing herself,

After being broken into millions of shards.

The ending to a story,

Queen JoJo ❤



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