Insecure About Writing

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Honestly, I’m insecure about my writing.

I know I’m a good writer and I love my work and place a lot of time and dedication into it (when I am not suffering from chronic writer’s block), but there are about 500 other people who are better at writing than me.

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I only share my writing with a select few, because I don’t want to be made fun of. I share it with people I know I can trust and who honestly care about literature and you guys. Like writing is pretty sacred to me and yeah I want to get myself out there, but without the opinions of the non-literature world.

I feel like people, who aren’t into the visual and performing arts, don’t understand the underlying meaning of certain things like writing. Most of my work has a hidden meaning that really have to think about or sometimes it was just a hidden emotion or feeling I didn’t even know about myself.

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The paper is my canvas and my pen is my brush and I’m letting my imagination and heart run wild. Some people don’t comprehend that because of their ignorance of the arts. And I honestly rather not be judged for what I write. Whenever I let someone read my writing, I’m letting my vulnerability show.

Hiding away,

Queen JoJo ❤



8 thoughts on “Insecure About Writing

  1. Aqsa ❤ says:

    I relate to this so much. Most of my friends and family aren’t into the arts, and find that my poetry isn’t worth it, or that writing is generally a waste of my time, but I’ve learned to do what I love simply because I love to do it. We shouldn’t care about the opinions of others no matter how harsh they are, because writing is the way that I (and many others) vent out life’s situations and troubles. I really loved this post, and especially loved the last line ” Whenever I let someone read my writing, I’m letting my vulnerability show.” ❤

    Aqsa ❤

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  2. Misstery blog says:

    I can relate so much. I think its because writing comes from the heart, a piece of us that is often not exposed in the way it is when writing. When we fear that is not enough, we are doubting a bit of ourselves that is pure and natural. I think its all just a learning process, your writing is beautiful all the same ❤

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