She took a breath and got out of bed.

Her recovery period was long over due.

It had been too long since she tried.

Over were the days she would cry and reminisce about him,

Or stay at home and avoid the world.

The first day on her new path would start out right.

She went toward the mirror,

Looking at her foreign reflection.

That was her?

She looked as if she’s been through a war.

A war against him

And then against herself.

She may not have won against him,

But she did win against herself.

The final battle isn’t over yet,

There was so much to overcome and to find.

Who was she?

What was her life without him?

Forming her lips into a pout,

She applied red lipstick to them.

Symbolizing the strength,

she was channeling from her inner self.

She would have to create a new persona for herself.

Become the person she could be without him.

Be the girl she always wanted to be.

She didn’t need him to find out who she was.

She could be her without him.

The battle isn’t over yet,

Queen JoJo ❤



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