That’s what she needed now.

To cut her losses and move on with her life.

The past is behind her and the future is ahead of her.

The present is now and she has to live in it.

She had dropped her new love like she’d been burned.

She needed to ignore her heart and follow her mind.

Her heart had only caused her more heartbreak,

With all it’s foolish superstitions.

“But, we love him!

I promise, he’s the one!

No, don’t leave him!

He said he’s sorry.

But, w-we miss him.”

The damage had been done.

All she could do is begin her attempt to mend her heart.

Finding her backbone,

As she took a step back from the edge

And took a step onto a new path.

A path that would lead her to destiny.

A remarkable life.

A purposeful future.

A repaired heart.

For the future ahead of her was bright.

All she needed to do,

was to take that fearless step toward the light.

Being courageous is never easy,

Queen JoJo ❤



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