How to Start a Book

My friend needed help to make this idea of hers into a book. Now, as a writer she isn’t really organized when it comes to starting a book. She has all the ideas and the plots, but they never come out the way she wants them. So, I decided to help her and share my tips and tricks with her. Now, I want to share my tips with you guys.

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1. Think of your ideal character; their personality, their background, their appearance, how they speak, their motivation in life, their likes and dislikes, their name, etc. Now write all of that down or at least the basics and always keep in the back of your mind who your character is.
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2. Start to create your character’s family (if they have a family); show how they affect your character and made him/her who they are today, think of how your character reacts to their family. Do they like their family? Do they have family problems?
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3.Begin to think of a plot; what is the goal of your story? Or what is your characters goal? Now think of all the obstacles that will make it harder for your character to reach that goal; ALWAYS GO FOR THE UNEXPECTED, legit just go and make your character’s life hell. Nothing is ever nice and peaceful in a story for long.
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4.Where is your plot taking place?; Setting is very important and you have to try and make your book revolve around your settings and make it as realistic as possible but with a little fiction twist, you feel me? You have to research about your setting, so your book doesn’t feel to fake or unreal (Unless it’s a fantasy book than knock yourself out). But, you can make it into whatever you want too.
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5. Supporting characters; who is aiding in your character’s plot? Who is going to make this plot thicken? Who is helping your character? Who is making your character go crazy? Have fun with supporting character because they legit make reading the book much more fun. They can be lovable ot hateable.
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6.MAKE SURE THERE IS DIVERSITY; Black people and white people, and Catholics and Atheists and Mormons, and people with ADHD and people with dyslexia, and people who are blonde or red heads, and gay people and lesbians and bisexuals; our world is diverse therefore our books and characters should be diverse too.
I hope you all found this helpful!
Start writing,
Queen JoJo ❤

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