She saw him yesterday and almost broke.

No one could have imagined the damage he did to her.

Not even her, who thought she could overcome it.

Love was a very powerful weapon,

That tugged constantly on the heart strings.

Pulling the heart this way or that way,

Choosing who it did and didn’t want to love.

He may have left her in unfixable pieces,

But the heart couldn’t help who it loved.

She wouldn’t have thought she could’ve been so foolish,

Or him so malicious.

She used to think of him as the ruler of her world,

Now he’s worst than the scum on the bottom of her foot.

She put her hope in him and he let her down,

Crushing that hope with a snap of his fingers.

She believed his lies and his tales of their future,

Letting him wrap her around his fingers.

All his schemes left her defeated,

Counting her losses.

And she couldn’t comprehend how,

Somewhere in her heart she will always love him.

Another piece to the tale,

Queen JoJo ❤



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