He really was not coming back.

He didn’t want her anymore.

Why was it so hard to accept?

He was just a distant memory that she kept holding onto.

She had to let him go. 

He had pushed her onto a self destructive path.

That couldn’t go on any longer.

She had to remake herself into someone new.

Before she was naive and in love,

Now she would have to be smart and conscientious.

She would dearly miss him,

But he completely shattered her and left without a trace.

She had to forgive him and forget him,

But never regret their time together.

Their memories together had been beautiful,

Than betrayal tainted them.

Accepting was always the hardest part,

But she felt lighter when she did.

He was her past but not her future.

And it was time to start anew and relive again.

Much love,

Queen JoJo ❤



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