Book Review Rating System

I want to start doing some book reviews on my blog, seeing as that I’m an avid reader. I wanted to give my book review a system, so that it’s not all over the place. This is going to be an occasionally thing on my blog, because I don’t want my blog to be solely focused on book review.

My book reviews will be out of five stars and I’m going to focus on five main things: the writing style, the characters, the plot, appealing cover, and if I liked the book and whether or not I would read it again.


Writing Style:

The book obviously has to be well written. The style of writing has to fit the book and the mind of the main character. Through the author’s writing, I should be able to understand the character and their personality and all. Plus, I have to be able to comprehend the book and what’s going on. Using good vocab words is a bonus too, can’t go wrong with using words like loquacious and insolent.


The Characters:

If the book does not have lovable and relatable characters, then what is the author doing with their life? I need a badass, funny as hell character that will make me fall in love. If the protagonist is making me giggle or mad, then something is wrong with the book. There must be a lot of ships, I need to very invested in ships of the book. How do books survive nowadays without ships? They don’t. The book needs ships.

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The Plot:  

I need to be given hope and that hope should be crushed, burned, and thrown down a river, only to be restored later in the book. I should be biting my lip and resisting the urge to glance ahead at the other chapters. I have to physical be scared for the characters and whatever heart wrenching event is going to happen next. If I’m not stressed out because of a book, the plot isn’t juicy enough.


Appealing Cover:

The cover must be a gorgeous little thing. I know, I know, don’t judge a book by its cover and blah blah blah. Well, I’m sorry to say that I judge books by their covers and I don’t care. A cover has to catch my eye and get me to stop what I’m doing to check it out.


Do I Like It? Would I Recommend It?:

A book has to leave me shook and like a entranced by it. Like I honestly should be thinking about this book days after I finish reading it. It has to me leave in great and sad spirits. I’ll be sad that it’s over, yet excited and happy that it was so good that I can’t get enough of it. I should be recommending this to all my friends, readers or not.

And that is my rating system for book reviews! Get ready for my book review on Victoria Aveyard’s Glass Sword.

Reading and Rating,

Queen JoJo ❤



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