For a Rainy Day


For a Rainy Day is a project I thought of for whenever someone is having their own personal rainy day. My goal with this is to encourage people, whenever they’re feeling down or not like themselves.

This past week, excuse me this past school year, I’ve definitely needed some encouragement because I wasn’t feeling like myself and school has been stressing me. Now, I’m feeling ready to conquer all that comes my way. Here all some tips and tricks for a rainy day in your life.

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If feel like you’re ready to have a meltdown, then sweetie meltdown. Go cry, scream, and punch a pillow all you want. It’ll help you get over whatever is going on faster. Sometimes, a good cry is all you need to feel better. Isn’t there that saying, cry yourself a river then build yourself a bridge to get over it? You can’t make a bridge without a river to cross.

Image result for cry yourself a river build yourself a bridge

Go binge! Whether it’s binge eating ice cream, binge watching Netflix or both, it really helps relieve stress and keep your mind off of your troubles. Even though I end up feeling fat, binge eating just feels oh so good and Netflix provides the best shows to go along with it.

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Write a text or letter about your feelings. I don’t do this often (aka never), since I’m very reserved about my problems and certain feelings. However, I know you’ll feel a lot better just by acknowledging your feelings and writing them down. It’ll be like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. If writing isn’t your thing, go and talk to someone you trust. I promise, you’ll feel so much better.

I hope you all found some encouragement for a rainy day. I will always be here to talk, if any of you need or want someone to talk.

Don’t let the rain dull your shine,

Queen JoJo ❤




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