Myself in Ten Years

This is the future that I’ve created for myself and God-willing, I would want to happen. I should be about four years out of college with a Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising and Entrepreneurial Studies or Business.

I would have my own company and business would start picking up after a few years. It would be some type of fashion based company.

Image result for apartments tumblr

I would be living in a dope New York City apartment. It would just be chic and stylish and totally fit who I am as person. Also, I would hopefully be living a healthy lifestyle and have a Toy Poodle puppy.


I would be the best young woman I could be at the time. I would be very put together and organized.I would’ve have mastered the art of walking around the city in heels.


I would be twenty-five and I hope that I’m engaged by then. My dream fiance would be mixed or from the Islands, with really soft brown curls and the most gorgeous greens eyes. He should also be living a very healthy lifestyle.


We would be completely and utterly in love.

My best friends and I, depending were we each live, will have our weekly or monthly meet ups. On Wednesdays, we have a little “celebration” of how far we made it in life. 😉 (That was an inside joke based on Mean Girls).

Image result for bestfriend goals tumblr

That’s about where I imagine myself to be in ten years.

Happy and living life to its fullest.

Forever dreaming,

Queen JoJo ❤


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