2017 Reflection


Happy New Year!

It’s officially a new year. The tides have turned and it’s another opportunity to start anew again. The saying “New Year, New Me” is totally overused and cliché, but it’s not wrong. Last year has changed us in ways we cannot explain. We are not the same people we were, when this year started. We have loved and lost, grew and learned, and have found ourselves in situations we would have never imagined ourselves to be in.

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Last year wasn’t the best or worst I’ve experienced, it was okay it had its up and downs. I’ve grown so much from the beginning of the year, when I was 14, to now, 12 months later at 15. I’ve been through some stuff and survived through it. My mindset has changed and I’m slowly becoming the young woman I’m supposed to be.

I’m simpler and I’m not obsessed with certain things anymore. I aim to please only myself and make myself feel good. I’ve been through different kinds of pain that have sobered me up. Values have changed. Friendships have ended and begun. I won’t ever be the girl I was last year.



I’m not holding up on the belief that this year will be “my year”  or that since it’s a new year, I’ll be a different person. I will believe that this year will have experiences that will continue to change me in ways I can not imagine. All can really hope is that 2017 has more ups than downs and that I don’t have to deal with certain experiences.


Be a better blogger and reach 500 followers.

Depend on God more and be the Christian, I’m supposed to be.

Do well in pointe.

Get better at dance – in general.

Reach chapter 25 of my book.

Be completely satisfied with who I am.

Be blessed this year,

Queen JoJo ❤



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