Merry Christmas Marioness


My friend, Teenella, was a genius for thinking of this idea. I hope this becomes an annual thing, because it promotes so much positive this time of year.

I was Secret Santa to . . . . .

To Marioness

I found you little part of the blogosphere and it’s totally cute. I’ve read some posts on your blog (aka stalked the heck out of your blog lol) and your dedication is inspiring. Each and every post was made with some tender, love, and care. Your photography is really good and it makes all your posts aesthetically pleasing.

I would love to see more opinion and advice  posts on your blog, because I honestly feel like you have so much to say. To me, I think it’s so important to get your ideas and opinions out there because every has a voice that they should use for good.

You have put so much dedication in your blog. I can tell by how nicely you set up your blogmas and all the time you definitely took to prepare for it. We have the same WordPress theme, which I think it definitely cool. You made you’re blog uniquely yours, no one else can be the same blogger you are.

Take completely and utter pride in whatever you do, especially your blog. If you’ve told the people closet to you about your blog, they should without a doubt be supportive of you. Blogging is a hobby that you should place your pride and joy in it.

Through the stalking that I did of your blog, I realized that we both started our blogs around the same time, in August. Basically, our blogs share the same anniversary month and you have learned so much in just a few months. I think your idea of everyone spreading their sparkle around is the cutest idea ever. It really shows how much you want the world to be better. I also found out that you love to dance, just like me.

What type of dance do you do?

I know you want to remain anonymous and I completely respect that decision, not everyone is okay with showing who the blogger behind the computer. I know, I myself, am having some trouble with being completely open to people about how I am a blogger; since, I’m not totally comfortable with people reading my writing. It’s not easy being a teenager and blogging, because there us so much you have to put into consideration.

I’m actually in love with your name, Marioness, it is very unique name. Whenever I read it, I think of a bubbly and beautiful girl with a bright personality. Even though I never saw a picture of you or anything like that, I believe you are a lovely and beautiful spirit.

My particular favorite post is your Dear Future Self. It reminded me of a post I wrote earlier to my younger self. I like the concept of writing letters to yourself, because it enable you to learn more about yourself and grow. So keep on writing letters to yourself, because one day future you might just need the motivation of younger you to go on.

When life is trying to knock you down, I’ll be there to help you fight back at life. Through this secret santa that you entered, you know have a friend, who will always have your back.

I hope you have a blessed Christmas, darling.

To all my lovely subjects

You are all beautiful and amazing human beings. I love each and every one of you. You guys are a part of why I love blogging, seeing those comments about my posts and the votes and the likes never fail to cheer me up on a bad day.

Merry Christmas lovelies,

Queen JoJo ❤



10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Marioness

  1. Marioness says:

    Ohh! Thanks for this sweet post! You left me with no words! You are really supportive and I’m so happy you really like my blog! I’m so happy you were my Secret Santa because you are such a lovley girl!
    So we are so similar! Same theme, same month! Loved that I found your blog!
    Keep with the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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