2nd Day of Blogmas – Reasons Why I Hate the Holidays


Countdown to Christmas: 2 days!

This might put a little damper on your mood, but oh well. You have to balance all the holiday cheer some way.

Everyone Brags About Their Holiday

I honestly hate when people plaster their gifts all around social media and talk about all the exciting places they went. Oh, I have Beats, a Macbook, the latest iPhone and a whole bunch of other gifts! You went to Cancun? Well, I went to Fiji. Then there’s me, who is lucky if I get something I actually like and a few gift cards. Don’t even get me started on vacations. To be honest, I have never went on a vacation in my life.

There’s Nothing Special About It

To me the hype is honestly way much more fun than the actual day itself. It’s just like any other day. My family and I hang around each other for a few minutes and call it a day. But, if I say that my mom and one of my sisters will have a fit denying that fact. When the day is over, the “magic” that made the day special is gone and I just end up feeling exhausted.

Holidays and All Other “Special” Events

I honestly feel this way about most holidays and birthdays, especially my birthday. I hope one day, holidays and birthdays become something I can wholeheartedly enjoy without any reserves.

Until tomorrow,

Queen JoJo ❤



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