5th Day of Blogmas – Top 5 Reasons I Love Christmas


Countdown to Christmas: 5 days!

5. Christmas Parties

The occasionally times that high school allows us to have parties, they’re fun and lit. And the food is good.

4. Christmas Eve at Church

Every Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve night, I go to church and we have eat after the service at like 1 am.

3. Winter Break

That week off feels so good. After about 4 months of school and being able to sleep in. The wonders.

2. Christmas Songs

I even sing Christmas songs in the summer sometime. They’re great songs.

1. Food

Christmas cookies and snacks are to love for. You haven’t lived if you have not pigged out on Christmas snacks.

Spread the Holiday Cheer, 

Queen JoJo ❤


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