7th Day of Blogmas – Christmas Wishlist


Countdown to Christmas: 7 days!

Hey lovelies,

Today I’m going to tell you my Christmas wish list, but honestly I can live without these items. They’re just wants and not necessities and I’m kind of over material items. I’m pretty chill with anything, but I want it to be something thoughtful.

Image result for dak prescott jersey

  1. A Dak Prescott Jersey
    • My NFL team is the Cowboys and I never had my own sports jersey, so it would be nice to have one.
  2. Adidas Superstars or Adidas Baselines
    • To me these sneakers are just really aesthetically pleasing. It’s basic and simple and matches everything. Also, the Baselines are the cheaper version that Adidas created.
  3. Makeup
    • I’m a girl, who just enjoys putting stuff on my face and look pretty. Plus, I really love the process of just putting everything on.
  4. An iPhone SE case
    • I got a new phone because my old iPhone wasn’t working. And being the cheap person that I am, I’m using my 5c case, which is a tad bit too big for my phone.
  5. Gift Card to Victoria Secret/Barnes and Noble Gift Card
    • I never bought anything from VS, I always wanted to but those prices, hmm, will leave me broke. Also, I don’t really buy books, I just go to the library. So it would be nice to go and have money and a reason to buy a book.
  6. A Turning Board
    • This could definitely help me with turning for dance. I can spin about 2-5 times depending on the turn, but I’m very unsteady with them.
  7. A Blog or Writing Related gift
    • I just want something thoughtful and special that I don’t have to tell anyone to buy me. Maybe a set of notebooks and pens. Or my own blog domain. I don’t know something special that will make me smile.

It’s snowing out,

Queen JoJo ❤



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