11th Day of Blogmas – Tips and Tricks for Holiday Shopping


Countdown to Christmas: 11 days!

Here are my most important tips to help you get through your holiday shopping.

  1. Make a list!
    • This will definitely help and keep you organized.
  2. Do your research.
    • Find out what places are having sales and discounts and which stores have what gift for less. Be smart about your shopping.
  3. Shop early.
    • Don’t start the week of Christmas. Or on Christmas Eve. Just don’t do it. You’ll get stressed and hate yourself because you won’t be able to find anything.
  4. Be thoughtul!
    • Sometimes, a person just wants a really thoughtful and meaningful gift than something expensive.
  5. Get creative with kids.
    • Kids don’t need much to get excited. Give them something fun and easy to play with that keep them entertained.
  6. Make a budget.
    • Don’t overspend. You don’t have to get someone an overexpense gift for them to be happy or grateful for it.
  7. Give yourself a time limit!
    • This will prevent you from shopping last minute. It’s just better to get things done with time to spare.
  8. Shop online.
    • You can do all your shopping at once and pay once, without even having to go outside.
  9. Get discounts!
    • Shop only during sales or when getting discounts. You’ll spend less money.
  10. Pay with cash.
    • You’ll think twice before spending. No wants to see their wallet be empty.
  11. When all else fails, get a gift card!
    • You can’t always think of an amazing gift and getting a gift helps the person to buy what they want instead of getting something they may not completely enjoy.


Happy shopping,

Queen JoJo ❤




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