Stopping Girl Hate


Why is it that society has to pit girls against each other?

Life isn’t a competition between the weak and the strong. Girls should not be hating on each other, when society is already hating on us.

Why does it matter that you wear Prada and that girl wears Macy’s? She goes thrift shopping and you get things costumed made? It’s a horrible thing we are doing. You know why we are doing it, society has manipulated to do it without us even realizing.


 In the society we are living in we cannot afford to gang up on each other, especially because of rape culture and sexual harassment and inequality in work places. Based on societal standards, we are the “weaker” link in this world. They think we are irrelevant and all we are useful for is popping out babies.

And you want to stand around bitch about her hair?



I strongly believe that all girls should be feminists. Yeah, I said it. Society’s dreaded “F word.” The reason why society despises that word and puts feminists in a negative light is because they know that we have the power to change what’s wrong with the world. To stop this abuse of the female gender.

When a rapist only gets jail time for less than a year, the girl he abused is still suffering physically and mentally from the encounter.

When a girl gets told she doesn’t have a say in anything, she loses her voice and her opinion to society’s beliefs and rules.


When a woman works just as hard as a man does and maybe even more, but she can’t get paid as much as him because she’s a girl.

When girls get catcalled at any moment, any time of the day just because of their body and end up feeling insecure and uncomfortable about themselves.

This is what we should be fighting against. This is what matters.


Not that your dog of a boyfriend decided to flirt with her.

Not that she’s curvy than you.

Not that she has the world at her feet and you don’t.

You as a fellow female should be more compassionate to her, because you know how it can. You can relate to what she’s feeling and how she despises being a girl at moments.

Please. Stop this girl on girl hate.

It’s not worth it.

Stopping the hate,

Queen JoJo ❤




4 thoughts on “Stopping Girl Hate

  1. aprmcl says:

    preach. it.
    this is too true! Especially the first image… but theres a limit. if a girl is being especially nasty to me, I’m not going to let myself get repeatedly put down just because she is a girl. That is a form of sexism in itself. (imo)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Queen JoJo says:

      Well, of course not. I never have and never will tolerate someone being nasty because there is a line and if it’s crossed I will fight back. You don’t have to tolerate someone who pushes you past your limits. You are allowed to defend yourself.

      Liked by 1 person

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