Three Days Three Quotes: Day Two

Thanks Lia for nominating me for the Three Days Three Quotes tag. 🙂 I recently followed her blog and I think it’s super adorable, you should all go and check it out. 😉

The Rules:

  • Show the challenge on your blog.
  • Thank your nominator.
  • Pick a favorite quote, explain what it means and tell your readers why you chose that quote.
  • Nominate people for every post
  • Post the challenge once a day for 3 days and include one quote for each post.


Girlies, don’t let any boy get into your pants or be your boyfriend. Make sure you actually like him and that he meets your standards. You are as rare as a red diamond. Don’t let a common rhinestone steal your sparkle. Be aware of who you let into your life and heart. Even though I’m a hopeless romantic, when I do get a boyfriend I have to make sure that he treats me with the respect I deserve.

Image result for red diamond

I nominate:


Aspiring Thoughts

Eva with N

Stay lovely,

Queen JoJo ❤



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