*Disclaimer: I have nothing against those of you who voted for/support Trump. Your vote does not define you as a person. But, I will always be very honest on this blog about my opinions and whatnot, hence my motto “Be real or die.”

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You all have heard by now, who is the new president-elect of the United States. Donald Trump. Are you all as shook as I am? Because, I am pretty shook.

I found out this morning, before I went to school about who won and I started crying. As an American citizen (correction, as a black female American citizen*), who is not of legal age to vote, I was beyond upset. I literally fear for my future and the future of the country I live in.

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How ignorant can Americans be to have voted for the racist and sexist candidate, who is a sexual offender? Especially with his stupid, “Make America Great Again” which is really Make America White Again. I didn’t like Hillary either, but she was better than Trump. The lesser of two evils if you must.

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After everything Trump has said: building a wall, deporting any immigrants, his offending comments towards other races, keeping Muslims out of America, etc., he was really the candidate that won it all.

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I know that there are checks and balances and the legislative branch, but he is the head of state, the highest power in the country. For someone, who know so little about politics and has had a campaign like Donald Trump’s and actually won the election is a scary thing. I’m disappointed in the country, I live in. Right now, I’m not proud to be American.

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On January 21st, the first official day of Trump’s presidency, I will not be celebrating nor will I ever add his new title when talking about him. Even though he will be running the country I live in for the next four years, he is not MY president. I do not see him that way and I do not respect him enough for that.

It’s only for four years as long as he doesn’t get re-elected. All we can really do is make the most of it and hope America changes for the better.

Well, America, this is your new President.


Shaking my head at this election,

Queen JoJo ❤



16 thoughts on “#NotMyPresident

  1. aprmcl says:

    girl. preach. I am not african american but i am black. i have never met someone who I’d agreed with more. thank you for this. I also did a post about not liking trump but it was no where near as powerful as yours. thanks. I needed this right now.

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  2. Girl Who Reads says:

    O.M.G yes, I 100% agree with you on this. I’m not american, but even I can see that this is by no means a good thing for America. I did a similarly based post, but you got it 100%!

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  3. The Invisible Ink says:

    I completely agree with you. I’m Muslim and the fact that a guy who wants to ban people of my religion out of America makes me BEYOND angry. Especially now, with these riots and protests going on, a lot of the younger generation seems to be against Trump and his ideologies. Sure, his economic plans may help, but America’s not just about the economy and politics. America IS diversity and accepting people no matter what race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Society is a HUGE part of what America is and stands for, and if our PRESIDENT can’t understand that… then as a nation, we just backtracked by a lot.

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  4. Sarah @ Classically Yours says:

    This is exactly what went through my head on the morning after the election. As a person of color and a female, I simply cannot understand how this man was even a candidate. And the electoral college . . . Why? He would have lost if the majority of US citizens really had their say. That said, I try not to judge people who support Trump . . . but I don’t try to understand them. The amount of hate, racism and anti-Semitism (I’m not Jewish, but I feel for them!) unleashed over the recent days and weeks is astounding — and that’s before he has even taken office! People now know that a sexual offender, racist, sexist and inexperienced person can hold office in the White House, and they justify their own behavior with that. I love America and am just as American as can be, but I don’t believe that means being racist and lacking decency. I love my nation, and that’s why I can’t throw my support behind this man.

    My rant is over now 🙂 Sorry, I really had to get that out. I’m expecting at least one person to see this comment and unfollow my blog now. . . Oh well.

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