Spartan Scholar Award

Hey lovelies,


A few days ago, I got a letter from my school about the Spartan Scholar Award. In my school, it’s an award that given to students, who have had academic accomplishments for the past year. Basically, I had a good GPA freshman year and you are able to get a Varsity letter for it. I’m proud that I did well in school.

I had my Driver’s Ed State Exam last Friday and I . . .

PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS! I got a 96, which means I only got two wrong since it was out of fifty questions. I’m proud of how well I did and that means I can get my permit when I turn 16! YAY!!


As you should know (if you read my Facts About ME post *hint hint*), I started pointe this year. I haven’t really been on pointe that long, because it’s a half of hour class. It hurts, very much. However, I’m determined to be the best at pointe I can be. I want to accomplish this and I’ll work hard for it. I mean, who cares if I’m killing my toes? I’ll be able to dance on pointe.

Ha. Ha.

I love being on my school’s dance team. It’s a nice and chill atmosphere for dancers. I feel like I’ll be able to grow more as a dancer with my dance coach. I got my dance team jacket and I’m

With some urging from some family members and my friends, I have started the first step in reconciling with my sister. We had some problems recently, since like April and I was completely ready to cut her out of my life as soon as she got married and go live with her husband.


We had some problems in the past, but it never got to become this serious. She has said some things about me to her fiance and to me that she shouldn’t have. And me, being the person that I am I bit back ever harder, especially since she felt like she deserved an apology when she honestly didn’t. Some lines you just never cross, no matter what.

Instead of speaking to her face to face about (my pride wouldn’t let me), I wrote her letter telling her that I’m on the path to forgive her. I did not however give her an apology for my actions, since in my opinion I don’t believe she deserves one. I did say I was sorry for hurting her feelings. Big difference. So, that’s that.

That is what has been happening in my world lately, hoped you enjoyed that little update.

Blog to you later,

Queen JoJo ❤



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