The Last TIWC

Well guys, Think to Ink Writing Camp is over. 😥


Tear. Tear.


It’s been fun and it’s been real.

 Let’s go out with a bang, shall we?


 Character prompt.:

Angel laughs with her friends, pushing her brown hair out of her face. She stood up on the canoe and stumbled, slightly. Briar grabs her hand to keep her from falling over. They just could not stop laughing. 

Moments like these Angel had learned to cherish, especially all that has been happening these past few months. Being out on the lake every week has been tradition for these three for years. Angel desperately needed this sense of normalcy in her life.


Sometimes when Angel wakes up, she takes a moment to appreciate the fact that she was alive. 

The situations she has been in nearly all summer, were not a walk in the park. Jacob, her first love, and had been together for nearly two, before the accident ruined them. He was her match in every way. Their personalities, though very different had complimented each other. They were friends first and lovers second. This utilized their trust of each other and strengthen their relationship greatly.

No one would have been able to predict the downfall of their relationship.

It was a warm summer night and the couple had been leaving a party, where they both had a more than a drink. Angel sat in the passenger seat of the car, while Jacob drove. On their way home, he hit a light pole narrowly missing a car.

By the time the police came, Angel and Jacob were both put the car and slightly injured. When asked who had been driving the car, Jacob lied and claimed it was Angel. Causing Angel to have to go through the consequences of drunk driving over the legal alcohol limit and damaging town property. Jacob only got charged a fine.

No matter who she told only a few believed her truth, but they were not the people who could make a difference. Jacob had tarnished her reputation and caused her to lose her driving privileges for three months. He betrayed her in the worst of ways that a boyfriend never should do to their girlfriend.

The struggling relationship soon ended between the two with harsh words and heartbreak.

“Jacob, if you just admit-” Angel pleads, before she is cut off.

“Stop lying. Angel, I don’t want to be you with you anymore or even talk to you. This relationship was over, the moment that accident happened,” Jacob snapped, abruptly turning and walking away.

Angel honestly felt all that she ever knew was taken away from. She was so overwhelmed by his words that tears were unable to fall. Her heart-broken into millions pieces, left to heal without any love. She knew that no matter how much time past, her heart would never completely heal. As much as she yearned to hate him, she never could for he was her first love and would always have a place in her shattered heart.

It had felt good when Angel was finally able to leave what Jacob did to her in the past. What he did was an utmost betrayal of trust, which led to an even worse heartbreak. However, in order for Angel to move with life she had to forgive, forget, and never regret the life she lived. Only she could make the best of her life.

Until next time,

Queen JoJo ❤



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