Character prompt.:

The dark-haired huntress looked behind her,

At all she left behind.

Her betrothed.

Her family.

Her friends.

The boat she was on,

Headed for a small island.

A place she would not be found.

And could not be a danger to them all.


In the distance,

Marella sat in the fields,

watching the huntress’ ship go.

Her best friend.

Her sister,

Leaving all she knew behind.

All because of an act deemed criminal.

Her blonde braid blew in the wind,

Stray strands in her face.

Shaking her head,

All she could do was pray for the huntress

To be kept safe.

Daily Writing Prompt - Writers Write Creative Blog:

The huntress took a breath,

Turning back to face what lay ahead.

They call her a traitor.

Maybe she is.

But, all she knew is that

She did what she had to.

No one, not even a country,

could change that.

Another entry to the challenge,

Queen JoJo ❤



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