A Great Year


I have a feeling this school year will be a good one. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older and know what I want to do or if it’s just a feeling. But, I will declare in the name of the Lord that this school year will be a great one.

I’ll just give you guys what I want to do and accomplish this year and I’ll give you periodic updates on throughout the year (aka whenever I feel like it). For first semester, I have Honors Algebra 2, Honors US History 1, Driver’s Ed/Gym, and Marketing.


Honors Algebra 2 is an okay course for me. Honestly, I was better at Geometry. I like my teacher, but most of my friends said she’s mean. Her class is pretty chill and relax. Math is just a tedious subject that gets on my nerves and it’s my first block. I’m also no completely good at it.


I really love my Honors US History teacher. She’s nice and believes that we should be independent learners. She’s gives us more freedom to learn the way we are able to and to do most things on our own. I believe I’m doing pretty well in it.


I love Driver’s Ed. I can’t wait to get my permit next summer and be able to start driving. My state exam in October 7th and I’m aiming for a one hundred (the passing grade/minimum is an eighty). Except, my teacher talks a lot and tells stories, when all I want to do is learn stuff to pass the exam.

marketing  with business graph and chart hand drawing on blackboard

Marketing is such an interesting class for me. We don’t have a textbook or take notes. Everything we do is online and is one this website. It’s a pretty cool thing to do. The only downfall is when the WiFi starts bugging and we can’t do our work.

Next semester (which starts in like January/February), I have Advanced Chemistry, Advanced French 3, Honors English 2, and Business Management. I haven’t had those classes yet, but I feel like they would be similar to the classes I have this semester.


Oh and I do a 14 week vocational in the spring semester that helps me with my writing. It’s a creative writing class and I love the environment. I did it last year as a freshman, so this is my second year. I started a book about beauty, during the program. Maybe, I’ll put an excerpt up on here. 😉 Warning: This book is nowhere near being completed any time soon.

 I’m in marching band like last year. I’m going to do basketball cheer again, but this year I would love to be on varsity instead of JV. I’ll probably try-out for football cheer, which is only varsity, at the end of the school year. Trying out for basketball cheer I want to be on varsity. I’m also on the dance team and it’s my first year.


I joined my school’s literary magazine and newspaper this year. My English teacher from last year is the adviser for both of them and encouraged me to join. There’s this book club, mt friend and I started last year, but it’s not really an official club. Plus, I joined my school’s African-American club and French club.

This is I’m just planning to be really successful this year in school and everything else I do. Oh and to stop procrastinating, too. Lol.

Striving for success,

Queen JoJo ❤



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