Life had no joys.

She always saw the negative in things now.

What was there to be joyful about?

He left her.

And because of him,

her broken self could not find happiness.

There were no differences between weekdays and weekends.

Every day was bleak and dreary.

It was the same continuous routine for her.





His love was her drug.

But, he took it away.

It’s okay because she found a new love.

It took away her unhappiness, if only for a moment.

Her entire being would be whole.

She would feel as if she’s floating through air.

She would smile and laugh until it ended.

And her feet would land back on earth.

Then, she would be her broken self all over again.

That fleeting moment would be gone.

And she would realize that life is inevitable.

And the story continues,

Queen JoJo ❤



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