Fake-A** People


Warning: This is not a zero to hundred situation. It is a hundred to hundred situation. You have been warned.


They accept to be all goody, goody with you. Then, come out at you in public and all. And they get all offended when you retaliate. Like what the heck? Did you just expect me to keep my mouth shut?


No, honey, I’m mute.

Okay, there is this child (we are not going to acknowledge her as anything but a child since she wants to act like one), who has some problem with me. I don’t know what about, she just has a problem with me and everyone knows it. Like I can honestly care less about her.

We have had some problems in the past and I have distanced myself from her, because I’m too grown for her childish behavior. She always makes an effort to put my name on her mouth and say something about me. Like she talks about how I wear makeup to cover my face, because I think I’m ugly.


To be honest, she’s just mad she don’t how to do it and I can make my makeup look like a pro. I’m beautiful and love doing my makeup, that’s not a crime last time I check. But, she calls all the time for no reason. Plus, she would ask to come over my house(and most of the time I’m kinda too nice to say no). One summer, she came over my house about 4 times a week and she knows we’re not friends.


I’m so done with her child-like behavior, she needs to go chill with people her own age. After this post is up, I will be blocking this child from my phone and she can honestly go in a ditch for all I care.

Ranting all day long,

Queen JoJo ❤


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