Conquering the World


Am I the only who has ever thought of conquering the world?

Multiple times, I have told my friends that one day I will have world domination and become a despot. Because in a world full of Hilters, you have to be a Joe Stalin. 😉 I was, of course, slightly kidding.


I imagine conquering the world to be where you are in the best place for yourself in life. When you are at your peak in life and are achieving things you never dreamt for yourself. That time in your life when you are at your happiest and healthiest and know you could rule the world, if you really wanted to.

There’s honestly nothing wrong with wanting to conquer the world. Many people think of it as a bad thing, when it really doesn’t have to be. I believe everyone should find a way to conquer their own world.


Conquering the world equals success and success is not easy to come by nowadays. It takes late nights and early mornings and many failures, to be where people like Walt Disney, Joe Stalin, and Steve Jobs were. Becoming a conqueror is an accomplish, because not just anyone can be one.

Go on and conquer the world, sweetie. It’ll be worth it. I promise.

One country at a time,

Queen JoJo ❤



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