Sorry this is a little late, Grace. I thought it was due midnight tonight.😅


There used to be six of us . . . Now, I’m alone. 

We were all a team, one of the best in the world. They called us the Sardonic Six. We had found humor in certain situations that others did not. We had brought fear into the hearts of the people of New Eastland.

The last world war that we were in broke us apart and destroyed our team. For years, we have been participated in wars and completing missions, but this was the one that broke us. The ones that survived were never the same and mourned and in their own ways.

Aleahya isolated herself from the world and went to live up in the Himalaya’s. The war had emotionally scarred her. She would have night terrors on account of what she had experienced in the war. She crawled into her introvert shell and lost her wings along with her sense of adventure. Her body survived being tortured, but her mind did not.

Alexander for many years stayed in the hospitals and rehab centers. After everything he went through in the war, losing his legs were the hardest of them all. He was consumed in anguish and his only release were the drugs. They numbed his inner pain and he would be okay, if only for a moment or two.

Of course, along the way we lost a few.  Aasha, Archer, and Acis were painfully one of the aftermath of the war. This war was a mind game that played us all, but caused Acis, Aasha, and Archer to ultimately lose.

And I, Aurelia, am just a shell of where I was. My thirst for violence and participating in wars has died out. I couldn’t go back to the life of a spy anymore like the others.

To have something to do, so I didn’t kill myself further, I worked in a flower shop. I didn’t need the money, but it helped calm me. I grew and tended the flowers there. Anyone who knew me before, would’ve had laughed at the thought of me working here. I used to crush flowers in my old life for fun.

When Acis died, he left me a little gift to remember him by. One of those gifts that bonds two people together. But, I didn’t have it in me to keep it. I just couldn’t.

I began to water the flowers at their roots, making sure each and every one of them got the proper amount of water. I sighed and stood up, wiping my hands on my jeans.

I heard some foot steps and turned back, my breath stopped.

“Acis,” I whispered.

Even though it was ten years, I knew who the kid was. The boy looked just like him. Same chocolate-brown eyes and unruly brown curls. But, his smile? It was mine. All mine. 

“Um? I’m looking for an Areila. The man in the front told me she would be back here,” The mini Acis said.

“Aurelia. My name is Aureila. Why are you looking for me, Alexander?” I asked.

He bit his lip and it reminded me instantly of Acis. I couldn’t stand this any longer, some familiar emotions were ready to come back all over again.

“My mom-well my adoptive mom told me about you an-and I wanted to meet because you’re my mom,” He said, his eyes going wide.

I knew that lady would one day giveaway my location. She just always seemed to eager to be meeting with me.

“Alexander, I love you. But, I don’t know if I can do this. You-you look too much like your father.”

He looked around, as if waiting for Acis to appear.

“Is he around?” Alexander asked.

I took a deep breath and sighed.

“Acis, your dad, died before you were born.” I told him and he instantly deflated.

Something in me compelled me to hug him. I held him tight and hushed his light cries. A few tears even escaped my own eyes. I pulled back and looked him in the eyes.

“Kid, I miss him too. In life, things will bring you down, but you can’t let them. Your dreams are right in front of you, go and follow them wherever they take you.”

I kissed his forehead and stood up. I hit my right hand twice over my chest, something Acis used to do. Alexander repeated it and for the first time in a nearly a decade, I smiled.

Another prompt bites the dust,

Queen JoJo ❤

P.S. I will edit this when I’m able to use my computer again. This was type on my phone.


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