Females Feeling Female


What is females feeling female?

Well, it is when a girl does the little things to feel good about herself. She works on herself, for herself, by herself.

The biggest misconception about girls is that we do things for males. Most of the time, girls just look good for themselves and it helps them to be more confident. It can be as simple as wearing a good bra that makes your boobs look great or as complicated as going to the spa four times a month to get the ultimate pampering.


Every girl has her own little thing that makes her feel triumph and feminine, even if it’s not a completely girly thing. It’s important to feel female as often as you can because it makes you happy and feel better about yourself. It is essential for people, especially women to feel good about themselves.

Here are a few of the things that make me feel more feminine:



I love doing my makeup. I usually take about two hours to do my makeup and I always listen to music, only on special occasions though. Sometimes, I get lazy. 😉 The process of glamming up always boosts my confidence up.



A good romance book always gets me in my feelings. Throughout the book, I giggle and squeal and laugh. I legit act like a complete and totally girl. I just love the feeling itself that I get from reading love stories.



Looking through my feed is always fun. The funny and relatable posts make me laugh or nod in agreement. All those outfit inspiration posts make me wish I had a better closet. And the eye makeup I see? Makes me want to yell out “YASSSSS BISH!!!!!!” sometimes. Of course, we also have the occasional lurking on other people’s post and on the hot guy accounts. Going through my Insta feed is just a lovely and enjoyable thing.



When I’m in heels, I run the world and slay your life. They may hurt at times, but beauty is pain. And I do want to look beautiful, so I’ll deal.

What makes you feel female?

Feeling girly,

Queen JoJo<3



8 thoughts on “Females Feeling Female

  1. Loren says:

    Letting my hair down or wearing jewelry are pretty much the only things I do to feel feminine. I’m more of a tomboy. 😉

    But, yes, I really do hate it when people think girls only dress up to impress boys. I mean, hello? I would want a boy to like me for who I really am, which means putting up with my athletic shorts, crew neck T-shirts, and Converse.

    Great post. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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