I joined Grace from The Girl Upstairs‘ Think To Ink Writing Camping. I’m on Team Pencil 🙂 I joined this camp because it seemed fun and I really believe it will help my writing skills. I hope you all enjoy my entries for this month. And who knows? Maybe I’ll join more writing camps. 😉


Alena sighed, as she looked out the window. She continuously tapped her pencil against her desk and bit her rose-tinted lips. Tonight, she just could not focus at all. She had a history paper due in two days, which she is just now starting. She has never procrastinated before, usually all of her work is completed early.

Suddenly, the whole town became dark, shutting off her lamp light with it. One by one, houses and stores lost their power. Fascinated by the powerless town, Alena left her history paper and went to get a closer look from her window. The moon illuminated the sky, shining eerily bright for a late fall evening.

Looking around and pushing her dark locks out of her face, Alena grabbed her keys and hurried down the stairs and out the house. A walk would be good for her. It would clear her head and maybe give her some inspiration to write her paper.

The dead leaves rustled in the wind, crunching every time she stepped on one. Though it was late fall, the weather was warm enough for a jacket to not be needed. She saw people in their houses, lighting candles and trying to turn the blackout into a productive period. The streets were empty, with only a handful of people out. Garfield Township wasn’t necessarily a fast-paced town, but it wasn’t a completely tranquil town either.

Lately, all the stress of school and college applications had been getting to Alena. She hadn’t really had a moment to herself, since August. As a senior, she did not have much time before graduation came and it was time to make a life for herself; especially, if she ever wanted to get out of this godforsaken town and do something great with her life.

Her vibrant sea-foam colored eyes shined in the darkness, with the moon as their light. She walked onto the old dock of the town lake. For a while, she just stood there, hands in her pockets and breathing in the fresh lake air.

Even if it was just a moment, Alena let herself embrace the moment. The stillness of the night. The gentle movement of the lake. The light breeze in the air.

When she decided to head back home to her awaiting history paper, she saw a girl her age standing on the dock. Alena had seen the girl before, around school and they also lived on the same street. However, they never actually interacted with each other before. Alena took a step back, shocked by the wild look in the girl’s eye.

She never spoke, never made a sound, but the look in her eyes told Alena exactly what was about to happen. Alena barely had time to brace herself, when the girl pushed her fast and violently.

She screamed as she hit the lake and icy, cold water surrounded her. Panicking, Alena tried to reach the surface, but she wasn’t getting anywhere. Water rushed into her ears and she swallowed more than half a gallon of lake water.

Her main problem was that she didn’t know how to swim. She never took lessons and her parents never taught her. She couldn’t even doggy paddle. One of her ultimate fears was drowning and it seemed as if this would be the end of her.

She struggled aimlessly to reach the surface and heard a muffled splash in the distant. After no successful progress, she gave up and let the water take her. An arm clasped around her waist, prevented her from sinking to the bottom of the lake and brought her to surface.

She greedily took large gulps of air, gasping. She was helped onto the dock where she sat. She breathed heavily, taking a moment to steady her breath and regain some strength. She looked up at he rescuer and saw it was a boy from one of her classes at school.

He looked at her concerned and asked, “Are you okay?”

She nodded, tiredly, finding it difficult to speak. Her heart was racing as if she’d been running for miles. Alena was visibly frightened, shaking violently. She had strongly believed that she would have lost her life than and there.

She looked up at the handsome boy, her pale green eyes meeting his brown ones. Maybe it was the fear or the need to get strength elsewhere, but Alena wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug. At first, he just left his hands by his side,but he soon wrapped them around her and returned her hug.

“Thank you,” Alena whispered, tears rapidly falling down her face.


You can find the prompts here.

I did my best to use all of the three prompts Grace gave and somehow incorporate them into a decent short story.

The stories had to be clean and free of witchcraft, dark magic, inappropriate content and language and too much gore, which led to me to explore this kind of creepy version of reality.

I have never used pictures as a prompt before so that was cool. I enjoyed writing this, but it did challenge me to really think and test my writing skills.

Onto the next challenge,

Queen JoJo ❤



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