The Pros and Cons of School


As you all can see that this is a new type of post. It’s a collab! With Allie M., from The Wondrous Life of Allie M. and JO from XOXO JO Blog! This is the first collab on my blog and I’m glad I decided to collab with them. They are both really sweet and their blogs are poppin. Go check them out. 😉

In honor of school recently starting, we each decided to create a pro and con list about school and each add our two cents in about our thoughts on school.


Me, Queen JoJo


  1. Seeing all your friends
  2. School events like football games
  3. Fun electives
  4. Clubs and Sports
  5. Field trips (I went to Orlando for my marching band trip last year)


  1. Not being in the class as your friends
  2. Having a whole bunch of homework
  3. Waking up before 8am
  4. Annoying teachers
  5. Actually participating in gym (need I say more)

No matter how much I complain about school and the work, I cannot deny that there are some parts of school that I love. School is not as horrible as we make it out to be. It’s more that we procrastinate a lot, because we’re teenagers and we have a million other things we’re also doing. I, myself, am completely guilty of this. Learning isn’t totally horrible, it can be a fun and interesting thing. Plus, all those after-school activities available to you really give you a chance to be active and enjoy school. This year is my second year in high school and I decided that I wanted to be even more involved in school and be a better student. I honestly believe that the work ethic you have in high school and college really sets up how you are going to be when you have a career. It’s important to try to better yourself in school and be active, so it’s not all work and no play. Make the most of your time at school.



  1. Seeing old friends and making new ones.
  2. Last day of school
  3. Student/teacher banter, like a good kinda banter
  4. The fact you’re getting education, duh
  5. That feeling when you do something well you worked hard for


  1. Doing presentations
  2. Cafeteria food
  3. Getting in trouble because everyone in your class except you does something wrong and you have to pay for it
  4. When teachers are in a bad mood
  5. Biased teachers

I’ve been home schooled for a while now and while I love it, I’m not gonna lie, I miss going to an actual school sometimes. Yes, there are pros and cons to school, but in the end we get stuff we probably don’t need hammered into our brain, so like, win-win, right guys? Relax, everyone, I’m joking. I’m assuming most of us here are teenagers and I know that school can the be worst place in the world, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our best. Keep working hard and keep doing your best, eventually it’ll all pay off.

Allie M.


  1. Library (free books!)
  2. Friends of course
  3. Art class
  4. End of school parties
  5. Swimming days


  1. Drowning in homework
  2. Sitting in math class confused and scared
  3. Bullies
  4. Uncomfortable uniforms (if you have them)
  5. Being put in group projects with people you don’t like

I think that school so far has been a…learning experience. Bahahaha, okay I’ll stop. Really though, there are good and bad sides to everything and school for me has had both negative and positive impacts on me, more positive than negative so far. If you work hard, study hard, try your best, then no matter what grade you receive, you’ve succeeded. Because that means you know how to be a dedicated worker, you just need to find what you want to do and put your time into that.

If I had any advice for a younger me, it would be to closely guard who you let into your life. The worst bullies you can have are the people who are supposed to be your friends. Other than that, I would say don’t let deadlines, grades or wrong answers get you down. You won’t exactly need trigonometry to apply for jobs or run a business. And most importantly, have fun.


I hoped you enjoyed this collab. There may or may not be more in the future. 😉

Collabing with fellow bloggers,

Queen JoJo ❤



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