The Simple Things in Life


The simple things in life are always the most important.

They are the little things that make you laugh or smile. That give you a burst of energy or make you feel like conquering the day.

Simple things make the simple joys in life.


It could be the box of brownies you made and ate all by yourself (I’m guilty of this lol) or it could be a kiss from your nephew.

Embrace the little things in life that make your day. One day they could be gone. I honestly don’t do this often, but I would like to embrace the small things more in my life. It helps give you a positive mindset and to see things in a good light.

It is so important to be thankful for the little things, whenever the big things get you mad or upset. A little thing can be the recipe to changing your day around and making you happy.


The simple things will help you get through life.

Simply happy,

Queen JoJo<3



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