Something Missing


There’s always something missing, isn’t there?

You’re a part of a great moment. Everyone’s having a good time. There are laughter and happiness. But, you don’t feel any of these,  you just want to bawl your eyes out and cry.

It seems we are never truly at the full capacity of our happiness. At the end of the moment, the high you get from being happy is gone. Your moment of euphoria is a fleeting encounter that leaves you to wonder . . .

What is missing?

I do not know if this is just something that happens to me; but, I do believe someone out there is experiencing the same thing.


This type of missing does not allow you to enjoy the things you usually do enjoy. It makes you take a break from all the things that enable you to experience any type of joy. You don’t have the will to read anymore. Going through your Snapchat stories is a waste of time. Pampering yourself is just not the same anymore.

Maybe this lack of something is the lack of properly having Jesus in my life. Or it could be that I need to find some purpose. Or maybe I just have some issues that need to be dealt with.

It has become a hole in my life which I haven fallen into.


I don’t know how to get out or how to cover the hole. Some would say it’s a lingering darkness refusing to let me enjoy life. Others would declare it’s a burden weighing me down.

This could be God’s way of telling me that I need to change the way I live my life. However, I hope to remove this lingering darkness and be able to enjoy life a little more.

Missing something,

Queen JoJo ❤



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