News Flash: She Doesn’t Care

A little something I wanted you guys to see 🙂 This is just so inspirational and reminds everyone that you’re human and that’s all that matters.


You feel you have the right to judge the way she loves, the way she talks, and even her way of thinking. Is that really love? She loves you with all her heart, but she will never love that about you.

News flash: she is not perfect, and she damn well knows it. She tries hard to not fake what she is, for people like you to approve.Why is this? She simply grew tired of never reaching everyone’s high expectations, including yours.

Let me tell you a little secret: she hears every single word you say to her, very loud and clear, but she doesn’t listen to your criticisms. Do you know why? Because she sees that what you judge her so much for, what you like to throw in her face with hundreds of arguments that lead nowhere, are exactly the defects you like to mislead about yourself.

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