My Thoughts On Dating


In today’s society, kids are dating by 13, saying “I love you” to their boyfriends by 14 and having sex by 15. I understand that this is not the case for every teenage couple, but it is happening. Freshman girls are dating seniors or college guys. Guys are going around having sex with anything that has legs and is female.


Teenagers should begin dating around 15, 16; when they are mentally stable and are mature enough to handle it. Dating is no easy feat, it messes with your heart, mind, and even body. I have seen teenagers gone basically crazy because of dating.  They are constantly having on and off relationships and are always crying or getting angry because of what their boyfriend or girlfriend did.


Teenagers are in toxic and unhealthy relationships.





Even though I’m a total romantic at heart and believe in true love, I don’t want a boyfriend and I honestly believe that teenagers know nothing about love. I do believe they can experience first love, but honestly, what do we know about love?

As a teenager, you should enjoy your teen years and focus on school and your hobbies not wasting your time wondering why Jimmy hasn’t called back yet. Boys will always be here, I mean unless they become extinct within the next ten years.

When you’re in a relationship, it takes lots of time and energy to maintain. You have to call, FaceTime and text your boyfriend daily or every other day. Plan dates so you two will be able to hang out (and if you’re not allowed to date, you have to plan a way to sneak out).


And if you’re girl and don’t trust the thots in the world, you’re constantly checking his Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter making sure his isn’t liking another girls’ post and commenting on another girls’ picture.

When you’re a guy, you’re checking to make sure your girl is really all about you and not making you another n*gga on the hit lit. Plus, you got make sure you don’t get her anger over something small and insignificant to you, but large and relevant to her.


No teenager honestly has time to waste by having and maintaining a relationship. You have school, sports, after-school activities, and for most work. Why make yourself suffer for a boy? Or a girl? 

Sure. Relationships are really cute and all, but there is always time to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. The other sex is not going anywhere anytime soon. Take several chill pills and be a wild child before you’re too grown to do so.

Staying single,

Queen JoJo ❤



11 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Dating

    • Queen JoJo says:

      Thanks love❤️ No matter how much I gush about being in love and all, I don’t think I would ever want to be in that position now. I would rather work on myself and my dancing and writing then obess over a stupid. Lol. Maybe in college, I’ll consider getting a boyfriend.


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