Black Lives Matter


Okay, let’s get this straight. I could care less if you are getting annoyed about seeing the hashtag Black Live Matter. This is not a temporary thing or something that will pass and do not even say oh but all lives matter too. Because all lives are not getting harassed by the police, faced with injustice or are always being judged by the color of their skin.


Black Lives Matter is a very important cause for me because I am black too, making it affect me. I may one day be one of those people who gets judged just because of my skin color. This situation may even escalate to the point where I may be frightened to leave my house for fear of what may happen.

No race or skin color is superior to another’s, but black people have been faced with so much adversity since the day our own race decided to use us as slaves and then sell us to the white man. This is a movement that must be its own thing because for so long has there been racism in this country.

 Ever since the Declaration of Independence was signed, all men were supposed to be equal; yet, there were still slaves in the U.S. and black people were still be treated unfairly.


For the people who say that racism doesn’t exist in the U.S. are either really blind or stupid. Racism is shown in how certain people look at black folks on the street and how we are stereotyped. Blacks are frequently thought of as ghetto or uneducated; yet, there are civilized and educated black people out there that people seem to always forget.

 It is unethical the way black people are being treated by our judicial system and just in general. We are people too and deserve respect and to be treated just like everyone else. No one wants or deserves to be treated unfairly just because of their skin color, something they did not choose. Help spread the word and to make a difference. #BlackLivesMatterToo Love y’all and have a blessed day.

Living the black life,

Queen JoJo ❤



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