Having Strict Parents

Nowadays, it seems like teenagers can do whatever the heck they want and their parents don’t give a sh*t. They have so much freedom, it’s like they are already adults. Do people not have strict parents anymore?


I don’t know about you, but I have a hella strict parent named Mom. My routine is legit church, school, and home. Nowhere am I allowed to go to the movies, a sleepover or a party. The only way I can enjoy those sweet privileges called teenage hood is if my mom is with me, my sister takes me, or it’s a school event.


All my life I have been limited to what I am allowed and what I am not allowed to do. I was that kid that stopped getting invited to birthday parties because I was never allowed to go to them. As a kid, I usually played with my dolls or watched TV and on occasion, I would play outside.

It was and still is a hopeless cause asking to go to someone’s house or to a party. If my mom did not know you personally or if she couldn’t come too, I would not be able to go. Her mentality is that she doesn’t know what your lifestyle is and keeping me away from all unknown things is protecting me.


At least, I wasn’t the only one of my friends who this happened to. Most of my church friends went through and are still going through this same strict parent ordeal. Freedom is non-existent an Haitian-American household.


However, if I pig out and watch Netflix all day, I get yelled out for being lazy and having no life. Oh, the irony. I mean having strict parents isn’t a complete bust when you don’t want to go out you have a scapegoat you can use: “Oh, my parents said I’m not allowed to go.”

Let me give you a little list of everything I can’t go do:

  • Go to the movies
  • Go to any type of party
  • Go to the mall
  • Go to people’s houses
  • Sleepover at people’s house
  • Go to the beach
  • Watch Netflix all day
  • Use my phone or computer all day
  • Sleep at midnight or later
  • Have any fun

List of things I can do:

  • Read the bible
  • Do homework
  • Go to school
  • Go to church
  • Sleep at 8pm

Oh, the struggle.

But, it’s okay. I’ve accepted that I won’t be able to do many fun things. I’ll just sit here and wait for the little independence that comes with college.

Being lazy as an effect of strict parents,

Queen JoJo ❤



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