The Difference Between Acquaintances and Friends

People don’t know how to identify between their friends and acquaintances – especially younger children. Just because you talk to Ally in History all the time, but never text does not mean you are friends. You may not like Sarah very much, but she’s always there for you when you need someone to talk to.


Acquaintance: A person one knows slightly, but who is not a close friend

This is the girl or boy you talk to in class so you’re not bored. The person you ask about the homework, but never actually talk to them. You can talk to Joe all year in English, but you do know anything personal about him. What month is his birthday? Does he have a sister, brother, or both?

I got you there.


An acquaintance is really just there to keep you company in those awkward situations where you are all by yourself. You don’t see yourself having a long-time relationship with them. You would never tell them the important stuff about you, since you don’t know them enough or trust them. Even if you were bored beyond belief, you wouldn’t text them.

Friend: A person one knows and has a mutual understanding of each other

You know your 11pm texting buddy? The one you send really disgusting pictures of yourself on Snapchat? Yea, that’s who I’m talking about. That person is your friend. You both connect on a much deeper level than acquaintances. You joke around, talk about the serious things, and nearly always pair up with each other.


They may not be the Blair to your Serena, but they come pretty damn close. A friend is someone you can trust and talk about everything an anything with. Yeah, there may be some secrets kept hidden, but you can’t give away everything about yourself.

When you have a friend, you know you can trust and rely on them. Friends are one of the only gift that life has given us. We have to make the most of them. I mean who else will you make fun of or be real to? They love you with your freaky flaws and all.


One last piece of advice: Get yourself a friend and never let them leave.

Being real with you,

Queen JoJo ❤



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