Why Birthdays Suck

When you’re a child, everyone tells you that aging another year is a special day and that your birthday should be celebrated and all this other junk. In school, you bring in cupcakes and have a mini birthday party. You get a ton of gifts from your family and they even get you a cake to blow out at the end of the day so your wishes can come true. Everyone takes extra care to treat you special.


But as soon as you get to a certain point in your life, birthdays are basically like any other day. The only way it can be somewhat special is if you go out of your way to make it special. You rarely get gifts anymore and when people do give you gifts – its money. A few people say a half-hearted happy birthday and then go about their day. And if you’re lucky, your parents take you out to dinner. 


My birthday was a few days ago and I enjoyed prepping for my birthday a whole lot more than my actual birthday. I gave myself a cute lavender pedicure and got my hair done in fake dreads.  I did my makeup which I woke up early to do. I wore a dope outfit the entire day and took a bunch of pictures. I was slaying.


I even went out of my way to plan a dinner at Olive Garden with my closest friends. We did have a great time and the food was great. We were laughing and talking and singing and took a ton of pics together. Our waiter even sang me happy birthday with them.

However, no matter what I did, my birthday was just another day in year and another mark on the calendar. It’s as if the day I came into this world is irrelevant. Because in reality, certain things like happiness and birthdays, never truly last. Everything has an ending and at the end day, your birthday ends and another day begins.


Birthdays are never truly special – not with nearly ten thousand people born on the same day. They are only as special as you make them to be and even then they still don’t feel special. It’s always as if something is missing.

Perfectly imperfect,

Queen JoJo ❤



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